The staff is very friendly, they run right on time, and they’ll work you in if you have a problem.  They are just very good people. – C. Garner


The staff is very pleasant and they put me at ease.  There are no apprehensions and they seem professional.  I just recommend them to others. – C. Warde


As a certifiable dental-phobic, and both long-term under-employed and uninsured, I had been avoiding dental care for a few years…Dr. Coates and his staff were wonderful – patient, gentle, and caring. They didn’t try to shame me for letting my dental health deteriorate and were compassionate and understanding. I have some serious dental work I need to take care of, but now I know exactly what I need and have the information to plan and schedule the work in a sensible, workable way. – K.Potter

Coates Dental DDS has been a GREAT place to go for your dental needs, I am Very impress with my expreince, THEY ARE SUPER NICE PEOPLE. THANKS –  G.P.

I am not one who loves going to the the dentist whatsoever – and am pretty much a big chicken!  However, everyone there made me feel comfortable and had great “chair-side” manner during my visit today, which I very much appreciated.  So – thank you to Dr. Coates, Melissa and everyone else who made my visit worth coming back for! 🙂

Dr. Coates related to me as one intelligent person to another. I appreciated that. -L.S.

Excellent and efficient service.  – New Patient

I have been very pleased with Dr. Coates and his staff.  I recommend him to others. -S. Troxler