Permanent bridge replaces missing tooth

Tired of seeing that black line at the edge of your crown? Non-metallic ceramic crowns and bridges work great, especially in the front teeth. They look so natural. All-ceramic materials are translucent, and blend very naturally with adjacent teeth. The translucency permits light to penetrate the restoration and reflect from within the tooth structure, eliminating the unnatural look of metal shadows at the gum line. Many people also have mild reactions to some metals in dental restorative materials, and they don’t even know it. This can lead to mild gum recession around crowns and bridges, exposing the metal edge of the crown.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth loss occurs from injury, decay, and gum disease. The problem of broken down or missing teeth can be easily remedied in most cases. However, ignoring these dental problems may cause additional tooth and bone loss, which can lead to more extensive treatment. Teeth may drift and tip into the spaces that are created by missing teeth, leading to more tooth and bone loss, and more complicated solutions.

Missing teeth may set off a chain reaction of dental problems over time that can change your bite and develop food traps. This can cause bad breath, tooth decay, periodontal disease and bone loss. Depending on the circumstances, devices like bridges, dental implants, or removable partial dentures may be a solution to restore the function of your teeth and improve oral health. Sometimes orthodontics may be recommended to return the teeth to a more ideal position to improve function and/or cosmetics.

Loss of all teeth is treated with full dentures. Improvements in dental implant technology now make it possible for Dr. Coates to firmly anchor dentures in place. This can be done with new or existing dentures (in many cases). This procedure is often life-changing for the patient. Denture wearers can now eat and speak without fear of dislodging their dentures. Chewing efficiency is greatly improved, allowing patients to add “tougher” selections back to their diet.

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